Friday, January 29, 2010

Tired of This Winter Wonderland...

So I wasn't going to blog today but I'm here, watching The Nanny, with nothing to do. Nothing interesting has happened other than the endless snow we have had all day. Will spring ever come?

Anyways, so I'm sure everyone has heard about the crisis in Haiti, neh? Well, my sister and I really wanted to do something to help. Unfortunately, me being a college student and my sister being fifteen, we don't have much money. Well,while at college I found out I had off work the following Saturday, so I thought to myself, "What to do? How about raise money for Haiti!" Yes, and that's pretty much the conversation to myself went. haha Well, I started thinking about what I could do, and came up with the idea of a bake sale! We would bake sweets and ask for donations! And so it started...

My sister did most (ALL) the baking! lol Well, I mixed! Unfortunately I am no baker... :(

My sister also made the poster! She's a girl of many talents!

I promise I helped! I made sure they didn't burn!

Couldn't resist! Carmel dansen, anyone? haha!

The finished product! We set up at the restaurant where I work, Rusty Jug!

By the end of it all we came up with $100! We donated the money to our church, which has a fund set up with World Missions, so the money was sent straight to Haiti!

Well, all this was done before I turned 19 but I still thought it was worth documenting! Till next time! :)
~ Arantxa

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snow, Spring, Ice... What?!

So I come to you today not from my dorm room, but from my house. Yes, I am home on a Thursday. You see, Missouri weather seems to enjoying being topsy-turvy and totally twisted. I left school after my last class and drove home, so as to not get stuck there over the weekend.

Since nothing has happened since yesterday that is worth telling you about I will attempt to entertain you by recounting a very traumatic event that happened to me since starting college.

I will tell you today about a character that is likely to pop up some in my post. We shall call him Michael. We shall call him Michael because his name is Michael, and since it is unlikely he will ever hear of, let alone read, this blog I am confident about using his really name.

Let us begin- Michael was in my initiation group for college. He was very sweet. I talked to him some during the time we were there. Well, initiation ended and the school year started. I had a psychology class, and one day I noticed Michael waiting outside. Presumably to go into the next class. I saw him and I took that he saw me as well, but, me being me, I started second guessing myself. Is that really him? Does he remember me? Well, one day I resolved to go up and say something. I exited class determined, walked straight up to him, opened my mouth, and... said nothing! -Now to understand why this happened you must first understand where I come from. I come from small town USA where cute boys few and sweet, cute boys are even fewer. So naturally, I am not trained in the art of talking to cute boys.- Well, not wanting to look like an idiot I said the first thing to come to mind- "Do I know you?" DO I KNOW YOU?!?! Did that really come out of my mouth?! Yes, yes it did... He stared at me as if I had just asked him if he was truly male. "Uh... SOAR..." he answered. And to finish topping my idiot ice cream I replied, "Oh..." and abruptly walked away. And that, my friends, was the start of my downward spiral of Michael-related incidents.

Did you enjoy my tale? Well laugh it up. It's all true. Unfortunately that was not the only time I embarrassed myself in front of this boy. But that is a story for another time. :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And So It Begins.../ Happy Birthday To Me

So it's happened. I am now 19. I thought it would be an absolutely retched and depressing birthday, but I was wrong. From the moment the clock struck 12- signifying my transformation into a 19-year-old I was bombarded with "Happy Birthday's".

To recount my day I will start at the beginning of the day- 12 a.m. Yes, at 12 a.m. I was watching anime on my computer, when my two roommates- Kelly and Amy- turned off all the lights and then came in singing happy birthday to me and switched the lights back on. Even our former roommate, Jessica, inserted her part in the little party by way of Kelly running in pants less saying, "Happy birthday from Jessica!" Which was a disturbing traditions we seemed to have last semester. Oh how I miss the days of yester-semester...

And so my day continued... Classes, naps, and cleaning the suit. Other then the horrid weather, which has decided to grace us with its presence, my day seemed quite normal. And for that I am glad. I really never was a fan of everyone in school telling my "happy birthday." And receiving presents is alright when one has something to give in return; however, simply receiving gifts makes me feel awkward.

Later my parents and my darling little sister came down to see me and take me out to eat. We are at Golden Corral, and I would have loved it so, if only I were not coming down with a cold (Thanks again, crazy Missouri weather!) which caused my taste to be somewhat muted. After, we went shopping. Well, what we could in about 2 hours. We then came back to my suit and my family gave me my gifts- which I accepted in another awkward moment. I received a new garment bag- zebra striped with pink accents, a hounds-tooth long pea coat, and a touchscreen GPS (Because I have the remarkable talent of getting myself hopelessly lost in the most simple of places.)

So, all in all I had a good birthday. Alas, no pictures were taken to document the occasion, but rest assured, I have not changed much since yesterday. :)

~ Arantxa

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Here We Go!

Hello all! My name is Arantxa Rodriguez and I am 18... well, I will be for approximately 3 1/2 more hours. That's right. Tomorrow is my birthday, as well as, my last year of being a teenager. I will be 19. I am quite down about this fact. I have very much enjoyed my being a teenager.

Now before you think, "Oh, just another emo blog..." look around! There is absolutely nothing emo about me. Not that there's anything wrong with emos...

Ahem, off track. No, this blog is a sort of tribute to my last year of residence in teenagerdom. I plan on making this next year as memorable as possible and document said year here! Hey, if you only live once you might as well make it count, right?

So anyway, here is to one more year! I hope it will be one worth remembering!

P.S. I do NOT plan on harming myself in any way after this blog is over. Just in case some of you were wondering. :)