Friday, January 29, 2010

Tired of This Winter Wonderland...

So I wasn't going to blog today but I'm here, watching The Nanny, with nothing to do. Nothing interesting has happened other than the endless snow we have had all day. Will spring ever come?

Anyways, so I'm sure everyone has heard about the crisis in Haiti, neh? Well, my sister and I really wanted to do something to help. Unfortunately, me being a college student and my sister being fifteen, we don't have much money. Well,while at college I found out I had off work the following Saturday, so I thought to myself, "What to do? How about raise money for Haiti!" Yes, and that's pretty much the conversation to myself went. haha Well, I started thinking about what I could do, and came up with the idea of a bake sale! We would bake sweets and ask for donations! And so it started...

My sister did most (ALL) the baking! lol Well, I mixed! Unfortunately I am no baker... :(

My sister also made the poster! She's a girl of many talents!

I promise I helped! I made sure they didn't burn!

Couldn't resist! Carmel dansen, anyone? haha!

The finished product! We set up at the restaurant where I work, Rusty Jug!

By the end of it all we came up with $100! We donated the money to our church, which has a fund set up with World Missions, so the money was sent straight to Haiti!

Well, all this was done before I turned 19 but I still thought it was worth documenting! Till next time! :)
~ Arantxa

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